Donna McCain 

Born in Würzburg, Germany as an American citizen, Donna has called two countries home ever since. Moving back and forth between the USA and Germany, both cultures have influenced her life and work.

 As early as the age of six, her schoolteacher discovered her strong urge for creativity. Not only interested in the fine arts, Donna also displayed talent for music and started singing in bands at age sixteen.

Donna McCain is a renowned artist. Working in Germany, Austria, and throughout the United States, she has been especially successful in Austria. McCain‘s creative work is 

diverse, ranging from paintings and sculptures to various media projects.Throughout the years, she has even held lectures and seminars over spiritual subjects on a regular basis. 

Yet, it is her paintings that truly express the essence of Donna McCain. Donna is a true powerhouse of creativity.


A truly gifted artist so to speak. Never standing still in her work, constantly evolving and pushing the boundaries. No Matter if it is visual arts, music or writing, Donna expresses herself through any medium. Her art style is  unique due to her unorthodox way of thinking and gathering impressions. And this different approach is a refreshing and welcomed change in the art scene. Take a moment and let yourself be enchanted by her living and breathing art. McCain‘s work seems to be from another world. Touching the cosmic energy and transmitting it for us to experience on Earth.




• Art education degree, University of Munich

• Exhibitions throughout Austria: Vienna, Salzburg, Linz, Goldegg, etc.

• Lectures and art performances for 15 years throughout Austria, Switzerland and Germany

• Exhibition in Las Vegas in the Luxor Hotel

• Exhibition in Vienna. “Mozart”-Cycle at the Hotel Imperial

• Vernissage in New York, 5th Avenue, 10015

• Exhibition at the Art Space Warehouse in Los Angeles

• Commissioned work of a sculpture for the Austrian Business Committee for the Arts

• Commissioned work for the City of Hoechst in Austria


Artwork Collections and Cycles:


• “Inner Worlds” Collection, 1997

• “Mozart”-Cycle, 1998

• “Microcosm”-Cycle, 2000 

• The Archangels, 2001

• Natural Beings, 2004

• Divine Spheres, 2005

• The Flow of Music, 2007

• Guardian Angels, 2008

• Archangels II, 2009

• Psychedelic Worlds, 2010

• Change-Cycle, 2012

• “Planet”-Cycle, 2014

• “God”-Cycle, 2015 – 2016




• Sambola the Gnome, 1998

• Unconditional Love, 2005



• Trance of the Transcendent, 2000