Donna McCain - An artist out of this world

Welcome to the online gallery of Donna McCain. On this site you can find Donna's most recent work available for sale. Take your time and browse through the diverse and mesmerizing display of unique high quality artworks. Donna McCain is well-known for her light-footed pieces focusing on the divine. In this process she creates her own space of celestial beings that stand for the best in humanity and emit a good vibration that takes your living space to a higher level.

Statue of Gabriel 2020

Zadkiel 2019

Gabriel 2019

GOd 2019

Infinity of the Universe 2019

Master yoda

Metatron 2019

Metatron Statue - The All-Consciousness

Wings of Metatron - Embrace the abundance

The Matrix

Eye of Metatron - divination

Zadkiel - Transformation

Raphael - Wholeness

Michael - Bravery

Will of Zadkiel

Gabriel - THe Light

Metatron - Manifestation


Inner Wisdom


I am who i am

The eye of Metatron

the light



Raphael - 70 x 100 cm
Raphael - 70 x 100 cm


Jupiter - 200 x 100 cm
Jupiter - 200 x 100 cm


Auora 100 x 100 cm
Auora 100 x 100 cm

All is one

elohim Arcturus



Zadkiel - Transformation

Light of God



Sirius - 200 x 100 cm
Sirius - 200 x 100 cm

Violet Flamme

 Violet Flamme - 100 x 70 xm
Violet Flamme - 100 x 70 xm

GAbriel The Lightbringer

Mind over matter


the source of love


third eye

Third Eye - 100 x 70 cm
Third Eye - 100 x 70 cm


Moon - 200 x 100 cm
Moon - 200 x 100 cm


God - 200 x 100 cm
God - 200 x 100 cm

“I am an artist of Inner Seeing. To me the world does not only consist of 

matter. To a greater degree, matter is energy, and I can see this energy and 

process it through my arts. I’m painting the invisible world of the angels and all 

its elements. It’s not just a painting to the viewer, but an experience, also to see 

this energy, to feel and to experience it.


Because energy has its own distinct power, the painted creation affects both the 

viewer and the room it is in. There are no limits in my creations, no rules and 

dogmas - just absolute, limitless freedom. Without pondering too much, I’m 

utilizing all kinds of possible colors and materials. It’s just doing and being. This 

is creating a unique piece of art full of universal and limitless energy – equal to 

the strength of an atomic bomb.

Donna McCain

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