Eye of Metatron - 90 x 70 cm

donna´s unique Painting technique

 We find stories about archangels in all three major world religions of the West. In their essence, they stand for the virtues of humanity.   Metatron is the highest of the archangels and stands for the I Am Consciousness: The realization that we are creators of our own destiny through the power of thought. Metatron teaches us to unite All-Love and All-Power and to be an image of God.


Donna McCain uses a broad spectrum of materials to create her Artworks. Gemstones, resin, acrylic paint, plated gold are first among many materials that are combined to produce this masterwork. Rich in depth and magnificent in its complexity to behold „The Eye of Metatron“ has a thousand facets waiting to be uncovered by the observer every day anew.  Renowned artist Donna McCain is well known in the German-speaking regions of Europe and has international importance. 


Owning an artwork from Donna McCain is an exquisite experience. It is more than just art. They connect to different worlds and are like a portal to another dimension. Her art is review as rich and deep, playful, beautifully structured and absolutely unprecedented in the art world. When you are in search of that special item to complete your extravagant interior decor Donna McCains art not only leaves you wishless but raises the vibrations to a higher level.  


Name: Archangel Raphael 

Size: 90 x 70 cm 

Style: Mixed Media 

Materials: Resin, acrylic paint, precious gemstones, plated gold 

Year: 2019 

Stands for: Awaking your true human potential. All-consciousness, All-love