Raphael - 100 x 70 cm

donna´s unique Painting technique

This unique painting from the renowned artist, Donna McCain, symbolizes Archangel Raphael. His

name means „God heals“. Raphael is deeply rooted in the Hebrew, Islamic and Christian culture.


Donna ́s special painting style incorporates different materials, ranging from acrylic paint to re-

sin as well as plated gold and gemstones. In the artwork „Raphael“ the green color of the gemstones

Emerald, Green Tourmaline, Malachite, Peridot have been used to characterize the artwork.

Donna McCain ́s artworks are more than just art.


They connect to different worlds and are like a portal to another dimension. Her art is review as rich and deep, playful, beautifully structured and absolutely unprecedented in the art world.


When you are in search of that special item to complete your extravagant interior decor

Donna McCains art not only leaves you wishless but raises the vibrations to a higher level.